Replacing the cam lever and tension dial on a Knitmaster 700 knitting machine

Although an older model, the Knitmaster 700 is a lovely machine. It is a punchcard machine and ball bearings so it slides very smoothly on the bed. One really nice feature is that it will knit intarsia without using a special carriage. Two white levers on the left and right of the carriage activate the intarsia setting.

Whilst using the machine recently, I found the tension dial was unreliable; it spun too freely, altering the tension whilst I was knitting. This led to two odd socks, and more than a tad of annoyance. So I decided to investigate the problem and found that the plastic serrations on the tension dial were worn, and the edges of the cam lever were roughened. Although I might have been able to go ahead and fix the problem with judicious use of a screwdriver alone (as shown towards the end of the video), I decided to replace the dial and cam lever with a good-condition secondhand assembly. This video shows me taking the carriage apart, replacing the parts and reassembling the carriage. My narration includes hints and tips gathered through the experience of taking Knitmaster carriages apart many times in the past.

If you found this video useful, please add a comment below. You can hear more about the reasons I decided to replace the dial, as well as other machine knitting related items on my podcast, The Knitting Thingamabob.