Pattern for Sew Sussex Magic Makers face mask

Hi Magic Maker team of Sew Sussex Seamstress NHS and Frontline. This is the pattern that will make a similar mask to that shown on the video on the Sew Sussex Facebook page, 26th April.

You are probably best to use this pattern and instructions in combination with the video linked to above, as that explains the salient points of the mask really well.

This is a full-sized pattern that can be printed on a domestic printer using multiple sheets of A4 paper. Several people have reported having trouble printing the pattern, but the instructions below work on my PC and should on any. I’m not sure on a Mac, sorry. I’ve put printing instructions on the pattern.

Instructions for printing; Print from Acrobat (free software) using the Actual Size and Poster settings. The pattern prints across 3 pages, so you will have to cut it out and use sticky tape to assemble it. Just line up the lines and stick!

If you need more help with printing, Adobe have instructions here; and a YouTube video here (its a bit old so refers to ‘Tile’, and the newer versions of Acrobat call this ‘Poster’), but its the same thing).

I’ve added some advice – helpful I hope – about sewing on the binding/ties, and a video at the bottom of the page.

I’ve written up some illustrated instructions (as a pdf document), on how to make continuous bias binding with the ‘alternate method’, which I much prefer to the spiral cutting method. I first saw this way of making continuous bias binding on You Tube demonstrated by Patsy Spencer .

I’ve put a video about sewing on the binding (using bias binding) on YouTube, and here as well.

Feel free to share the patterns and instructions with anyone else who is making masks.

This page doesn’t always work on my Android phone. But it works fine on a computer. Something to do with the WordPress Android App maybe?

I’ve been sent one of the Sew Sussex ready-cut kits to make 25 mask. These are a great deal easier to work with and haveready-made bias binding included – yippee! Before this I was cutting out a batch of 25-30 masks at a time, making my own bias binding and batch sewing the masks. Whether you are using pre-cut masks or cutting your own, I thought this video might help to streamline the making process.

Before watching, please note that the video is based on the assumption that you are using two different fabrics for front and lining of the mask, and that these are already cut out. The process shown uses pre-made bias binding for ties and edges and does not include inserting a nose wire.