Making a cover for Ashford Traveller

Traveller is a misleading name for these spinning wheels. They are quite heavy and bulky. Although clearly more compact, (due to their vertical arrangement) than a Traditional style wheel they still take some effort to move around to groups etc. So I decided a carry bag would be a good idea to make this easier and protect the wheel in transit.

The basic fabrics I used are a showerproof polyester outer wear fabric and a bright orange polyester felt I got very cheap from Fabricland. I thought the felt would make a soft lining to protect the wheel in transit and the light, bright colour inside would make it easier to see what was what when taking the wheel in and out. This is something I have learned from my handbags; spending time trying to find things by feel inside a black bag lined with black fabric!

Dora, my Traveller wheel in her new carry-bag

I already had metres of rainbow webbing lying around from a dog-training lead and bought the D rings and contrasting coloured continuous zip and pullers on eBay. I wanted a shoulder-strap, and used one of an old camera case that had a nice soft shoulder pad an trigger clips already on it.

Making the pattern was relatively easy as the wheel is a quite a simple shape, and I am a reasonably experienced pattern cutter. I wanted the zip to open up completely so that the wheel is fully exposed and easy to lift in and out.

When making the bag, to prevent pin holes in the outer fabric I used Clover clips to hold the edges together whilst sewing the seams.

Clover clips prevent making pin holes in the showerproof outer fabric
Extra strong, welded D rings to hold the shoulder-straps.
The completed carry bag.

If anyone is interested in the pattern please leave a comment and I may get around to posting it as a PDF here.

I made a few improvements as I made the bag. The zip isn’t visible, despite having chosen a lovely red as one as a contrast to the bag, because I decided a weather flap, like on the front of a raincoat, would be a good addition.