Errata to ‘Translating Between Hand and Machine Knitting’

If you are looking at this page, it is likely that you have purchased a copy of ‘Translating Between Hand and Machine Knitting’, in which case I would like to say ‘thank you’!

Although every effort is taken to ensure that the text is correct, it is all to easy with book of this depth which contains so much technical information, for small errors to slip through the proofreading process. It is therefore helpful when readers let us know they notice what they think might be an error so that it can be investigated and corrected if necessary.

Recently Sue found a couple of those little sneaky errors, (thank you Sue), and I was pleased to send her the corrected text. It is shown below so that everyone can update their copy. Luckily a couple of pencil strokes will solve the issue.

Sue is an experienced hand knitter just starting out with machine knitting, and has purchased a standard gauge and a Silver Reed LK150. Sue is just the person I wrote ‘Translating’ for, so its great to hear that she decided to purchase the book. I wish her well with her new venture.

Sue spotted that the photos for ‘Working a Machine knitting firm, latched edge cast on on the face of the fabric’; on page 118 and 119 are incorrectly labelled, jumping from Step 2 to Step 9! No there isn’t anything missing, it is simply a mislabelling of the Steps.
The three photos that show working the edge on the machine are correct, and the captions for each of the three photos are correct. However, the photos should be labelled Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3, so its just a matter of crossing out ‘9’ and pencilling ‘3’ in instead.

There is no Step 10, so cross out ‘Step 10” but leave the last paragraph,, ‘Continue for as many latched rows as you wish (six to eight rows give a firm, even edge’.

Page 83. Under the right hand, Brother column, in Step 7, the N-H lever should be changed to ‘N’, because its already at H!

Let’s hope there aren’t any more, but if you do spot something, let me know.