Handknitted socks from handspun yarn

These socks were a Christmas present for my son. He had asked for ‘house socks’ to lounge around in on cold days. Rather than buy a pair, I wanted to use my hand spun yarn to make these. The yarn I chose was one from my stash that I had spun when still learning, (not that I’m not still learning, just early on in my journey). It was spun from Jacob’s fleece, quite thick and bit uneven, on an Ashford Traveller, and after some tension tests I decided to knit on 5mm needles. As you can see from the photos, I used short row heels. and toes. These were knitted top-down using information fron Wendy Johnson’s book. I found her description of the cast on a bit difficult to follow even though I have done one before, so went back to my favourite reference, ‘Cast On, Bind Off’ by Leslie Ann Bestor for a better description. I also took the stretchy bind-off from this book so that the rib edge would not be tight.

As I didn’t have a set of those nifty Addi sock needles in 5mm, I used dpns. Sadly I only had longer ones in 5mm, so it was a bit of a fiddle to work the socks, but got easier once I was in the swing. As you might be able to see, my son has large feet, (size 12 UK) so they took a while to complete.

I may get round to putting the pattern on here, but don’t hold your breath.