Choosing a new drive band

I have replaced the drive band on both my Ashford wheels with poly drive bands. These are great as they work at low tension because they have a slight tacky surface, and don’t stretch. They are a bit of a bother to fit initially, but once on they work brilliantly. Of course once on they are on, they can’t be undone without cutting the band. I bought the first one from Ashford, it’s transparent and 3mm thick and they provide a jig in the pack which helps you creste a smooth join, which is essential. However, these band’s are quite expensive, so after a longish trawl of the internet I bought a slightly thinner, but essentially the same, drive band on Ebay. It is a bright orange, which is fine with me, but does setract a little from the overall look of the wheel. I bought 10 metres and will see if it will work to replace the band on my old double drive wheel as well. I think not because of the cross over, but we will see. I highly recommend the poly drive bands, but if you’ve only got one wheel to fit, I suggest buying the Ashford one because that little jig makes fitting the band so much easier than without one.