March 2019. Simon Mayo has just joined the new DAB station, Scala Radio, and has a feature called the ‘Mayo Clinic’ – in which listeners can ask questions. One such question was regarding the disparity between UK and UK crochet terminology. I was invited to try to explain this knotty problem that all crocheters recognise. Hear my suggestions by following this link to the Scala Radio ‘Listen Again’ feature on Planet Radio. Its a three hour show, so fast forward via the 5 minute button to the 1 hour 42 minutes position to hear my 5 minute interview.


25th August 2017. The BBC ‘More or Less’ programme invited me to participate in an interview about clothing sizes. In the cool of a basement studio I was asked – ‘Why are dress sizes so weird?’. Hear my contribution by clicking on this link  BBC More or Less – listen or download

iTunes link More or Less – edition 62

Read my blog post about this here: Link to BBC interview on clothing size blog post


June 2018. In sunny June I was invited to participate in an online interview with the BBC about the history of clothing size. This was a response to reports that H&M were planning to revise their UK women’s clothing sizes. Read my article about this here:

Blog posting about BBC interview


In 2014 I was invited to give a talk at the Textile Institute in London about seamless knitting technologies and their impact on knitwear and other knitted outputs. Read the report here Knitting Industry News, ‘From fair-isle to football boots; unravelling seamless knitting’.

For copyright reasons I prefer not to put the Powerpoint online, but would be happy to send a pdf of the presentation to anyone who leaves a comment asking for a copy. This is of course with the proviso that it is for personal use only and will not be re-distributed in any form.


In 2006 I was invited to join in a featured in Selvedge magazine entitled, ‘In the Loop; at the centre of the Knit Rennaissance’. During this group photo shoot shown below I was lucky enough spend time with Sara Dallas (then Head of Knitted Textiles at the Royal College of Art), Colinette Sandbury – who at that time was producing sumptiously coloured Colinette yarns, Di Gilpin who creates wonderful Scottish handknits, Rachael Matthews from ‘Prick you Finger’ and Nicki Trench who writes such gorgeous books on knitting and Amigurumi crochet.

P.S. If you want to learn more about Sarah Dallas, there is an archive of her knitted fashion designs at the Fashion Museum Bath.

Selvedge Autumn_06_2turned copy.JPG

Di Gilpin’s website

Prick your Finger

Sarah Dallas’ entry on Fashion Designer Encyclopaedia

Nicki Trench’s website