Communicating on FB rather than writing!

Managed to fill my morning with adding photos to FB and now wish I had worked…but there were some good things. I re-lived going to In the Loop 2 conference in Shetland in September which was a wonderful experience. There were such interesting things discussed, from images of knitwear in advertising to making a lace shawl from an old pattern from the photo library at the Shetland Museum via Ravelry. The shawl is no longer in existence and neither is the pattern.

That was inspirational, someone found the photo in the Shetland Museum online Photo Library, and asked around on Ravelry for help to write the pattern, and people from all over the world contributed. The pattern is now available via Ravelry as creative commons and there was an example of the shawl shown at the conference that was knitted by a disabled lady in a mid blue colour. I really liked the way in which the old (Shetland knitting) was taken by technological advancements (photography) and social network via the internet (the online photos and Ravelry) and re-invented into a tangible product from a virtual piece of evidence and put out into the world again.

Maybe I will list some of the other presentations as they come to mind, because I don’t believe it will be publilshed elsewhere

This is the link to the archive:

and the photograph library is here:

Here is a photo of the presentation

Shetland Shawl
Shetland shawl presentation at In the Loop 2

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