Bernina 1030 repaired and revitalised

Sadly my treasured Bernina 1030 sewing machine blew its electrics a few weeks ago, and it smelled and sounded expensive. After ringing round a number of repair centres I found one who knew what the fault was likely to be and what might have caused it. They couldn’t do the repair for a few weeks so I hauled my old Bernina 730 out and refreshed my love for that whilst the ‘newbie’ sulked in the corner awaiting repair. 

The 730 is a lovely machine, but I miss the knee lift and needle-up features of the 1030 and that wonderful automatic basting stitch. I didn’t realise how much I used and appreciated them until they weren’t there! 
I bought the 730 in 1985, secondhand, and it was expensive but has served me incredibly well. It’s taken on everything from leather, tents and motorbike covers to silk chiffon, stretch lace and slinky satins with regular cleaning and oiling and only (to my shame), a couple of services. I rather regret the lack of services as the buttonhole mechanism jammed and something has snapped off causing the auto buttonhole mechanism to stop working. It still works great buttonholes, I just need to manually swing the lever through the required sequence of positions.

A significant problem with all sewing machines as I get older is their lighting when’s working at night , especially on dark fabrics. My son has rigged up led strips on the underside of the top arm for me and that is wonderful. The downside is the sticky tapes etc needed to attach it all. 

The 1030 went to be repaired today and my lovely husband took it for as I was at work. It’s now sitting waiting for me to try out. Too tired tonight, but my fingers are itching to start with it tomorrow. Apparently it is quieter, smoother and fit for another 20 years. Surprisingly the only thing they couldn’t fix was the cord reel that used to pull tthe lead inside the machine for storage. Whilst trying to find out what had happened when it went ‘bang’ and started smoking we innocently undid the base plate, which did something to the spring inside the reel, and it stopped ‘reeling in’ the cord. Apparently it can’t be repaired but needs fully replacing, at quite considerable cost. So be warned, never undo the base plate on a Bernina with an auto-reel cord! 
If anyone has one from a scrapped machine do get in touch and let me know, as once I have recovered from the cost of this repair I would like to replace the cord reel. 

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