Link to a Creative Guide to Machine Knitting

The link above the image will take you to my Blogger page on Creative Machine Knitting, which I will soon be migrating to WordPress. That is once I have mastered WordPress beyond the basics, and finished writing my latest knitting book, and completed a research project into interactive textiles to mediate understanding of Scabies – so follow the link as it might be a long wait!

Meanwhile, do check out my new book, Translating between Hand and Machine Knitting, which is to be published by Crowood Press in summer 2018. A lavishly illustrated book with clear step-by-step instructions on knitting techniques, stitch structures and fabric constructions.

Unlike many other knitting books, this one explains why knit stitches behave in certain ways, and how to achieve effects using combinations of stitches. It will enable the reader to take control of their knitting and create exactly what they want in both knitted textiles, and garment shapes. Main blog posting

It will take pride of place on any knitter’s book shelf, sitting next to The Knitting Book and Knit Step-by-Step.  Empower yourself today by pre-ordering your copy. Preorder on Amazon


A Guide to Creative Machine KnittingCreative Machien knitting scrshot

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