Reviews for The Knitting Book – still scoring high

Writing another book always brings on a sense of insecurity, so I spent a little time this morning browsing reviews of The Knitting Book and Knit Step by Step. On Amazon they are still scoring high, and independent reviewers have generously reviewed the books on their blogs since they were first published. It warmed my heart and stiffened my resolve to read them, so I am sharing a few of my favourites with you here:

‘Love this book! The best book I’ve found for both beginners and those who are experienced knitters wanting to learn something new.’

‘I love this book, really clear instructions and easy to see photos. I’ve bought so many how to knit books but they were all a big waste of time. This has to be the best one. If you are a beginner or intermediate knitter then I would recommend this book to you.’


‘Just over the moon with this book and the information that is within its pages. Its just full of easy to follow instructions and help’.

‘This book was exceptional and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. The wording and the diagrams were really easy to follow. ‘

‘This book is a brilliant book to have on the shelf the techniques are easy to follow. Recently having taken knitting back up after a gap it’s been useful to refresh old techniques along with new ones. This book does have a few patterns and block designs which are useful. Would recommend to new and old knitters it is very useful and always by my chair’.

and the review by Karie Westermann, that really reaches to warm the cockles of my heart, (and massages my ego terribly, but once in a while, why not?),

‘I am very, very glad to have this as part of my library. It is going right in next to Montse Stanley & I am going to use this for many years to come.’

Montse Stanley, as you will no doubt know, has writen some of the seminal books on knitting. She was, and still is, my knitting hero. So you can see why I am so thrilled with this comment. Its like a hug.

Here is a link to Karie’s blog which is excellent, do visit.

Thank you, and thank you again to all those considerate and erudite knitters who took the time to review the books and share their thoughts. Yes there are some less positive comments, and no I am not going to include them here, because this post is me bolstering myself to get on with the new one, but I have learned from them!

I would like to apologise for any mistakes that readers may have found in the patterns, (I know there were some), and hope that the errata on this blog and the Dorling Kindersley website will answer any queries.

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