Hello, and welcome

Vikki_2013smallTurnedThis blog covers many aspects of textiles, but its main focus is on knitting; both hand and machine. You will find discussions on Creative Machine Knitting along with instructions for using machines, machine accessories, repairs, tips and techniques. As the blog has grown it has embraced other aspects of textiles.

Amongst my personal interest in textiles, I am also involved in ongoing, textile-related academic research.

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5 thoughts on “Hello, and welcome

  1. deanner03

    Good afternoon,
    I saw your post on creating a bag for an Ashford Traveller (which I agree is misnamed). I was unable to leave a comment on that post, but I was wondering if you have the pattern available for purchase. Thank you ma’am.

    1. Clea

      Hi Vikki. Apologies I cannot find an email to contact you however I am trying to do the ‘knit weave’ stitch on pg 101 of your knit step by step book and am having trouble. I don’t suppose there is a video available on how to do this stitch? Thanks so much

      1. Hello Clea,
        Apologies for a late reply. I’m afraid I haven’t made a video of that. If you have ever quick in the floats when knitting fair Isle the techniques are essentially the same. Of to can find a YouTube video showing that it should help you. The step by step section for fair Isle this may also help you in holding the yarns. The difference is that the ‘weave’ effect side of the fabric is used as the front not the back of the knit. I use my left hand to hold, tension and guide the ‘weave’ yarn and my right to throw the backing yarn, the same as normal if to knit in the classic UK method. .

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